Probe Lockers Range

The Probe lockers range has a wide variety of locker types to suit all environments and daily uses. By far the most popular are the Probebox 1-6 Tier Steel Lockers which are Ideal for club house, sports, swimming pool and changing room lockers. These secure storage solutions can be found in schools, colleges, workplaces and as gym lockers brightening up changing areas across the country . Additional features available in this locker type include sloping tops, anti bacterial coating (Activecoat), fire proof coating and a variety of locking types. As standard they are supplied with a Cam lock and two keys or a hasp and staple for use with a padlock.

Probe box 1-6 tier steel lockers ideal for schools, gyms and workplace lockers

probe lockers | 1-6 doors steel lockers

Probe lockers optional features: Stands, seats, sloping tops

The optional extras available for the Probe box Probe lockers (and various other locker types in the Probe range) are ideal for swimming pool lockers and sports changing room environments where the assistance of the locker stands raise the locker body up from wet floors found in these environments. The assistance of seats for comfort using changing room lockers are a popular choice for sports and gym locker projects. The optional sloping tops prevent the issue of clutter and other unwanted refuse or items being placed on top of lockers in your changing area or school lockers. For advice on all the optional extras, different locking methods, locker styles, colours and prices contact our locker sales team for a free quote or project survey: Click here to contact us or alternatively call 01-8200100

  • Available in a range of colours
  • Lockers fitted with cam lock or hasp and staple (padlock use) as standard.
  • Robustly constructed with reinforced doors featuring an air vent system
  • Lockers available in a range of sizes
  • 1 to 6 door probe lockers variations available
  • Sloping top option available on request.